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Something faulty or malfunctioning? Allow our skilled electricians to attend to it. We cater to a wide variety of repairs for extensive situations and applications; so contact us to see if we can organise a repair for you!

New installations

Capable to take care of all general electrical tasks. Power and lighting circuits. Consumers mains upgrades. Dedicated power circuits. Power pole installations. Downlights, exhaust fans, intercoms, tv and data outlets.

Local Family Business

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Electric Vehicle Charging

All car manufactures accepted. Single or three phase we have your vehicle charging needs covered. Contact us for a chat about the way forward to best suit your vehicle use and needs in order to minimise costs. Seeking assistance with charging and maintenance of your electrical vehicle? Contact us today to arrange electric vehicle charging.

Solar Installations repairs and replacements

Solar has been deemed the way of the future, and we are your leading Brisbane Electricity body - readily equipped to assist. Whether you require initial/first time installation, repairs/fixes or entire replacements; we offer solar services that guarantee your system is adequately installed, maintained and running up to par. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with this innovative and upcoming field of electrical solutions.



Every corporate business and establishment requires quality lighting; so if you are searching for professional electrical services to ensure yours are beaming as brightly as can be, look no further. With extensive experience in lighting maintenance and repairs, our electricians will thoroughly and carefully amend any issues that present - ensuring your lights are polished, functional and reliable.

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Smoke Alarms

Experiencing smoke alarms issues, an incredibly common household problem? We are highly experienced with electrical maintenance, and offer skilled provision of assistance to provide resolution to the issue. Whether your alarm is malfunctioning or has ceased working, we will carefully tend to it.

Switchboard Testing and Thermal Imaging

We provide professional switchboard testing, inspection and maintenance services; ensuring your safety and security is upheld. This includes carefully guaranteeing that your switchboard is properly functioning and there are no unsafe components/issues present. We also offer thermal imaging services.

Switchboard Upgrades

Our qualified electricians will upgrade and optimise your switchboard, making sure that you have the best function possible. This includes taking care of any replacements, inspections and installations necessary to suit your requirements.

Safety Switches

Safety switches can be a crucial electrical aspect, offering much needed and beneficial protection from electric shocks or potential electrical hazards. We offer installation of your safety switches, to ensure your corporate environment is functioning the most securely possible.

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Emergency Lighting

Do you require installation or maintenance of emergency lighting for your corporate body or real estate? We offer high performing and quality emergency lighting services. Get in touch to enquire about how we can assist

Hot Water Repairs

If you are experiencing an inefficient hot water system, we are your one stop avenue. We tend to hot water malfunctions and repairs, ensuring your water will be up and running in no time.

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